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Friday, 13 July 2012

Billa 2 Movie Review From Overseas - Gullf, Sri Lanka, France

Billa 2 is the first Indian film to release in 13 French cities. It is also the first Tamil film to release in Belgium. Even war-torn Jaffna in Silence will see Billa 2 in 4 theaters.

Billa 2 is a full out and out hollywood style flick with action so please dont expect comedy and other funny tamil formula ingredients…

Padam Marana Mass:-)
Thala intro sceneee semaaa masss !!! Billa2 Premiere show is Housefull in France … Never seen before crowd! #Billa2 #Paris

Gangster song with bloopers at the end just like Mankatha!!! Thala tharu maru doi….
For producers and distributors its gonna be Money….Money…Money….Overall Billa Steals the show – Srilankan Premiere Show Result !!!! Now Billa 2 has started in France and in Dubai its going to Start 
Sri Lanka Fans: Just finished watching movie. There’re lots of punch dialogues from Thala. Chance-less effort in the climax, U1 comes in the end.  4/5 rate!!! Worth for money. wahh..excited !!

Dubai fans : thala tooooop & toooop…….BILLA DON SUUUUUPEB…news i give you from DUBAI  ENJOOOOY BUDDY….yaHOOOOOOOOO

Billa 2 vip show going on gulf….. very very massive respect and positive review… Thala mass… 2012 also we r unstoppable .

Fans Review from Sri Lanka
As expected the story about on How the Refugee turning out as a Don. The first few minutes of the movie touching the srilkan refugee issue which is really gonna create a impact among tamilians and gonna create a new market for Ajit in NRI Area.

Its really gonna be a electrifying for fans whenever Ajith appearing in a screen. As usual Ajith carried himself superbly throughout the film. Especially the stunt sequences are rocking.

This film really gonna take Ajith to next level in his career. Once again this movie expected to break all the collections of Kollywood.

Like Mangatha for VP, For Chakri this gonna create a good place in Tamil Cinema
Technically the film is outstanding.

Finally this film is not only a treat for Ajith fans but also for Tamil Cinema Lovers. For the persons whoever booked the tickets in advance,it wont disappoint you for sure.

For producers and distributors its gonna be Money….Money…Money….Overall Billa Steals the show…
Billa 2 reviews from abroad !

→Ajith Kumar’s style
→Good story
→good characterisation
→action sequences

Negatives :
→So far we haven’t recieved any

Verdict 7.5/10
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